Paso Robles Breakdown

This was cured, thanks to this little boy in the story.

This is what I learned in my progress call today: Those who one associates with is the determination of how far one goes in life. Let me give you a story. There is a boy who has grown up in the ghetto. He does not know what it means to be a good father, because his father is at home drinking bottles. He works as a security guard and comes home and yells at his mother. His mother is a nurse at some hospital, and they are living in the projects. It has been ten years, the marriage has taken a toll, and the children are growing up to the point that they are able to make their own decisions. The boy thinks about becoming a basketball player or a rapper, because he sees them on television, because that is all his family watches.

One day, he meets this one boy who introduces him to meet a mentor of his. This mentor looks like him, and he seems like he is in control of his life. He is wearing a black suit, and has a clean cut. He sounds confident, and he is able to convey a message that resonates with the little boy. The boy is curious to see what the man has to offer, so he decides to hang around the boy longer, so he can be around this mentor of his. Five years later, the boy from the ghetto, the boy’s friend, and the boy’s friend’s mentor, are both on a boat sailing across the country, because they are part of a business that brings them $10,0000 per month.

A Mentor Changed One Boy’s Life

Long story short, you know what the moral of the story is. The boy decided to use the boy as a resource to further his own life. The boy really had nothing going on for him at home. He did not have a father figure to raise him, and although the boy could have fllowed the same path as his mother. The thing is that he does not want to live the life of his mother. Even though his mother is a nurse, he always wanted to do something other than what was limited in the four walls of his home. He does not have the drive that his parents have, because his parents do not have enough drive to make him achieve his dreams.

This boy, the boy’s friend, and the boy’s friend’s mentor have now taken part in a gate repair company that have been able to help this happy Paso Robles Party Bus Company. We have been honored to be helped by this company, because they had the drive to help this boy get out of the ghetto, just by sheer association. This is how important sheer association is. One kid from the ghetto just associated with the right people, and now his mother and father are living in a nice one story house with a pool.

This is the power of association. The minute you get around good people, good things start happening to you.

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